Hello, my name is Johnny. I am a biology major at Wright State with an interest in microbiology and human disease, specifically viruses. I also have an interest in evolution and wildlife thanks to a YouTube channel I recently discovered called “Moth Light Media.” This channel has sparked an interest in me for things about how certain species live and why they evolved to live that way. It's interesting to realize that human lifestyles can be deeply contrasted by other animals that we may not always think of or consider pests to us. I hope this website allows me to explore my curiosity of a species of moth chosen by inspiration from the aforementioned YouTube creator (and a funny internet meme). I hope that by viewing this website you get out of it the same enjoyment I got from watching videos about shelled-squids and other “weird” topics. I hope that you use this to perhaps rethink your opinion on your biases towards certain animals and that you realize that the distinctions we make about beauty in nature are mostly superficial. Perhaps helping you to view the world from the perspective of another organism will beneficial to this goal. As such, this website not only aims to inform you about Luna Moths, but also to tell you stories with a “non-human” element, so that you may, at the very least, gain a deeper appreciation for these beautiful creatures.